2nd Workshop on Maritime Computer Vision (MaCVi)

Workshop schedule (in-person AND online) on the 7th of January. Times are local Hawaiian times (GMT-10). Note that this is the 8th of January on many other continents. See schedule for other time zones here. Information on virtual participation is available on our Zoom Room. Stay updated for potential smaller changes.
Opening 12:50
1st Keynote: MEMS-scanner-based laser projection system for maritime augmented reality and LIDAR camera for underwater scenarios 13:00
Challenges Overview and Results 13:30
Presentation of Challenge Winners 14:20
Coffee Break & Virtual Gathering 15:15
2nd Keynote: Innovation at Sea: Enhancing Unmanned Vehicles with Deep Learning Capabilities 15:35
3rd Keynote: Unveiling FathomNet: Harnessing Machine Learning for Marine Biota Surveillance and Oceanic Stewardship 16:05
Spotlight Presentations of Accepted Papers 16:35
4th Keynote: Underwater Computer Vision - Featured Paper Presentations 16:50
Closing Remarks 17:00
Poster Session & Zoom Room Meet-up 17:05