1st Workshop on Maritime Computer Vision (MaCVi)

As per program schedule, we had multiple sessions: keynote talks, paper submission spotlights, challenge discussion and a panel discussion. Find some material from the workshop here.

Workshop Slides

Download the slides on our Nextcloud.

Paper Submissions

As part of the workshop, we discussed 11 accepted papers, as can be seen on Open Access. Every paper was reviewed by at least three reviewers. The corresponding videos of the spotlight presentations are listed as follows:
1st Workshop on Maritime Computer Vision (MaCVi) 2023: Challenge Results
Sonar Image Composition for Semantic Segmentation Using Machine Learning
A Survey on the Deployability of Semantic Segmentation Networks for Fluvial Navigation
An Efficient Approach for Underwater Image Improvement: Deblurring, Dehazing, and Color Correction
YOLOv7-Sea: Object Detection of Maritime UAV Images Based on Improved YOLOv7
SeaDroneSim: Simulation of Aerial Images for Detection of Objects Above Water
A Novel Framework To Evaluate and Train Object Detection Models for Real-Time Victims Search and ...
Sea Ice Classification With Dual-Polarized SAR Imagery: A Hierarchical Pipeline
DepthCue: Restoration of Underwater Images Using Monocular Depth as a Clue
Combining Photogrammetric Computer Vision and Semantic Segmentation ... for Coral Reef Growth
Improving the Detection of Small Oriented Objects in Aerial Images

Challenge Discussion

Please see the slides and the challenge summary paper for that. We congratulate all the winners! For the UAV-based Maritime Object Detection challenge, due to Covid measures, only one of the three best winning teams could attend in-person. Three teams won a GPU each, sponsored by Sentient-Vision. The following are Qiming Zhang, Lars Sommer (right) and Hangyue Zhao from the first, second and third team, congratulations!

winning winning winning

Keynote talks

Because of on-site internet issues, we could only record one of the four keynote talks. Please find the talk on Scaling aerial whale monitoring using active learning of Justine Boulent from Whaleseeker here:

Panel Discussion

Please find the panel discussion with Searchwing, Sentient-Vision and Whaleseeker here:

If you need any other information from the workshop, don't hesitate to contact Benjamin Kiefer.